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Body Corporate Maintenance Action Plan

(Gazetted 07 October 2016 Pub 40335)

We establish the threshold value of the reserve fund. Prepare a written maintenance repair and replacement plan. This plan must cover current conditions, state of repair for short, medium and long-term estimating the maintenance repair and replacement cost over the next ten years. Our speciality is mainly building inspections, costing, project manage repair and maintenance. We prefer not getting involved in any physical construction projects other than an advisory role.

Condition Inspections

The condition or disclosure inspection was developed for the purchase of new and existing properties. The following areas are covered; 1. foundation, foundation walls and superstructure walls. 2. roof support and roof cover. 3. Interior walls and features. 4. general electrical assessment. 5. general plumbing, grey water and sewer assessment. 6. SABS geyser compliance. 7. general gas installation assessment. 8. The ERF/Property the building is standing on. The condition or disclosure inspection is a snapshot view of the property at the time of the inspection and supplemented by an in-depth report which is essential to both the seller and the buyer.

Dilapidation or Crack Survey Inspection

The dilapidation or crack survey consists of two inspections. The primary inspection which is a dated and photographed recording, of the building and or surrounding the planned construction site within a 150m radius. Should it arise in a claim during the construction or a set time frame after the completion of the construction? The secondary (post or closeout ) inspection after completion of the project. This is to compare the same areas prior to construction. This shall determine any damages to have occurred, due to the construction workings.

Structural Condition

Mainly for land lords with attention to the structural condition of the leased building with regards to the health and safety act.

Energy Efficiency

In South Africa we do not have extreme weather conditions and our energy was until recently inexpensive but times are changing and energy costs can be saved with a few wise changes. Infrared technology are used to determine where a building looses heat or the cold penetrates due to insulation deficiency.

Due Diligence Surveys

For sellers in the retail and commercial sector reporting on all statutory and non statutory effects ensuring the seller disclosed defects and certifications where applicable, covering deed searches, electrical & electrical fence C.O.C.'s, lightning arrester testing and certification, wood borer and rodent infestations, gas installation C.O.C.'s, sub surface or open mounted tanks, general risk assessments, OHS related structural assessment.

Forensic Investigation

Mainly on disputes with regards to damages, route cause determination, building disputes or any other building structural or cost related inspection services in need of an detailed visual perspective inspection report.

Infra Red Scans on Electrical Reticulation

As per the act any public buildings electrical reticulation are to be scanned with an industry standard infra red camera indicating any and all hot spots.

Basic Disclosure

Mainly for sellers - basic inspection on foundation, super structure walls, roof support system and roof - the basic report consist of 10 to 20 pages.